Much more than a recoil pad in a recoil-absorbing material, the InflexTM II has been designed with an internal structure that lowers the gunstock and pushes it away from the shooter’s face after each discharge, which allows a second shot that is even more comfortable and faster.

Rapid loading systems have been used on Browning semi- automatic shotguns for decades. Our patented Speed Load Plus system chambers the first round straight from the magazine, and unloads quickly without having to run the bolt to chamber each shell.

The Power Drive Gas System uses larger escape valves
to remove gas more quickly with heavy loads.

A brand new patented design for an integrated valve keeps residue outside the mechanism for cleaner functioning. A 20% increase in the piston run makes it even more reliable with light charges.The system works with loads of 24g to 64g.

The new geometry of the extended Vector Pro™ forcing cone together with the Back-bored™ barrel eliminates the deformation of shot, making it possible to improve the shot pattern and reduce recoil sensation.


All our Maxus guns, with the exception of the sporting models, are fitted with a magazine cut-off for unloading and replacing the chambered shell with a new load without having to cycle the new shell from the magazine.