The all-terrain version of the MAXUS One is chambered in magnum or super magnum. The buttstock and the forearm of this model have a careful ergonomic design, with all the handling surfaces specially developed for Browning®.

NEW • Maxus Ultimate Ducks Composite 12M

The fine engravings of duck hunting on one side and pheasant hunting on the other confer a touch of exceptional style. The receiver is nickel-plated. The stock and foreend are composite.

Sporting black carbon fiber

This gun has been specially designed for sports shooting. The ventilated rib, tapered from 6mm to 8mm, gives faster targeting. Its carbon finish gives a particularly unique style. Unlike the hunting Maxus, the Maxus Sporting Black Carbon Fiber Inv+ does not have a magazine Cut-Off.


Perfect for marshlands or woods, this Maxus Super Magnum is made of a composite material, with a fine A-TACS AU camo finish: nothing better for blending into the landscape while you wait in the best possible conditions for the game to arrive.

Black Gold

The Black Gold version on offer this year further refines the features of this semiautomatic by opting for an anodised black receiver from which arise auspiciously two engraved, gilt ducks that seem ready to land. Not to be outdone, the gunstock and fore-end are fashioned in attractive grade 3 wood.

Camo Max5

A model designed “par excellence” for waterfowl hunters. The gun is coated with the Max 5 camouflage film, the most effective camouflage for waterfowl. It has a super-magnum chamber. So, you can fire with 70mm-89mm steel shot.


Maxus One is the entry level semi-automatic gas operated rifle by Browning.
It features all of the technical characteristics that make Maxus such a success and is sold at an affordable price, which makes it your perfect hunting shotgun.

Ultimate Partridges

The delicate engraving representing partridge hunting scenes on one side and pheasants on the other gives it a real up-market standing. Its brushed nickel-coated receiver is an exceptional little gem. Its stock and fore-end are made from grade 3 oil-rubbed walnut.