The softest shooting semi-automatic ever.
While no recoil reduction system on a shotgun can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus is sure to change your mind about recoil control.

The Power Drive Gas System, Inflex technology, Vector Pro and Back-bored technology from Browning combine to reduce the total recoil force to the shooter bu 18% compared to any other semi-automatic shotgun on the market.

Comfort and liveliness: optimal performance.

Cut off

The maxus is equipped with a Cut Off for the magazine to allow the shooter to unload the chamber easily, and thus change the type of shell without having to chamber à shell from the magazine.

Power Driven Gas System

The Power Dive Gas System uses larger escape valves to remove gas more quickly with heavy loads. A brand new patented design for an integrated valve keeps residue outside the mechanism for cleaner functioning.

Rapid Unloading

And now, unloading is just as simple with the new maxus. The fast unloading function quickly and easily clears the tube magazine, without any need to individually chamber shells.